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Thoughts on aggressive proselytization

Just a few things running through my head, inspired by an earlier conversation:

Any argument that begins with “it says in the Bible” is faulty, since making an argument in biblical terms requires the arguee to concede the Bible’s authority at the outset. Anyone viewing Christianity from a neutral standpoint is not predisposed to take the proselytizers (or the Bible's) words at face value. For a person with no religious experience, confronted with a choice of religions, the Bible is no more valid than the holy texts of any other belief system. If I lead a virtuous life, by the standards of society and even most religions, and my only shortcoming is a lack of faith in a particular deity, then in my estimation my soul is safe. The only way I could conceivably ever be Christian is if I believed in a kind, loving, just, and merciful God who didn’t spitefully send good people to Hell on a technicality. However, if that were the case, then it wouldn’t make a difference what faith I belonged to, so long as I continued to live virtuously. The promise of ultimate forgiveness is not a free pass on earthly behavior, and is no excuse for lax morality, deplorable behavior, or a disregard on the part of Christians for the rights and personal beliefs of others. First Amendment rights do not apply solely to practicing Christians, and while they may believe they are performing a public service it is, in fact, viewed as somewhat rude or in poor taste by people of other faiths (or lack thereof) who have the decency to not aggressively evangelize to Christians in turn. Even the most patient Christian would become annoyed after the thirtieth time hearing "Have you heard the word of Vishnu?"
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